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Jo's Yarn Garden first opened its doors as Pam's Woolly Shoppe in 1994. It was located on the Main Street in Stony Plain, Alberta, moving to several different locations.  In 2015. Pam sold the business to Al and Joanne Olson.  In the spring of 2018, the store expanded to over 2200 sq. ft. of space!

The present Yarn Shop is located in the town of Stony Plain, Alberta at 4812 - 50th Ave, just off Main Street.  

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Jo's Yarn Garden purple flower Meet the New Owners - Joanne & Al Olson

In January of 2015, Pam handed over the reins of shop ownership to Joanne and Al Olson. They renamed their business Jo's Yarn Garden. Joanne's experience in working for Pam for 8 years, has provided valuable knowledge to help expand the Yarn and Fiber shop, to grow in inventory and increase their customer base.

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Joanne looks forward to meeting the needs of her customers for Yarn and Fiber crafts, continuing to stock old favorites and exciting new:

Jo's Yarn Garden green flower Beginner to Expert Level Classes

Joanne and her staff offer a variety of Beginner to Advanced classes on Knitting, Crocheting, Spinning and Weaving Techniques. Classes are offered three to four times a year and fill up quickly so be sure to check the Classes page for more details.

Jo's Yarn Garden purple flower Meet our Staff

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Joanne - "I learned to knit in 2005, and became a regular visitor to this wool shoppe.  I quickly got a love for yarn and knitting and before long I had gone beyond scarves to knit hats, sweaters and socks.  I have recently also picked up spinning, weaving and dyeing, all of which I thoroughly enjoy.  Unfortunately the crochet bug has not bitten yet!"

Eryn - "I began knitting when I was in high school. My best friend taught me and our first project was a baby blanket for one of our teachers. I didn’t knit anything else until 2009 when my father in-law gave me his mother’s stash of yarn. I decided that I was going to use this special yarn to create an afghan for him as a nice memory! One afghan turned into 4 as I decided to use parts of the stash to create a blanket for my brother-in-law and two sister-in-laws, and from there I was hooked!                           I work full time as a Commercial Property Manager, so knitting is my way of de-stressing after work. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach classes on Thrummed Mittens, Knitting Socks of all varieties, Magic Loop knitting, Introduction to Cables, and The In’s and Out’s of Ravelry."

Rebecca - "I learned to knit as a young child, but didn't take it seriously until  2007, at which point I went through a stage of "knit all the things".  I also love crochet, Tunisian crochet, and weaving."  If you include inkle looms, Rebecca has five looms.  She prefers to design her own patterns rather than follow patterns, but finds trouble shooting pattern problems a fun exercise.. Her previous training as an Engineer comes in handy with math and design.

KerstinKerstin came to Canada from Germany and brought with her a wealth of knitting experience.  "I was five years old when my Oma showed me the magic of a crochet hook.  At age seven, my mom taught me the first steps of knitting.  A "pink washcloth" was my first knitted project; I gave it with all my heart to my seven years older brother for Christmas.  Why pink...? I can't tell!"  Kerstin never looked back.  She made doll clothes, then sweaters, slippers, toques, blankets etc, for herself, her family and friends.  Kerstin teaches classes at JYG.  "Teaching is a wonderful thing to me!  And there is still always lots more to discover."

Debra - Debra loves to knit or crochet with exquisite fibers that are irresistible: alpaca, cotton, cashmere, camel, merino, mohair, silk and more!  "I was inspired and taught by my grandmother (who was never not knitting), my mother and school projects.  I like challenging myself with new designs and techniques."  At Jo's Yarn Garden, she gets to participate in what she enjoys to do and share her knowledge with others.  Debra emigrated to Canada from South Africa with her husband and children in 1998.  She resides, knits and works in Stony Plain.

Leslie - "I have been knitting for a very long time; I was taught by my Mom and inspired by my Aunt and my Grandma.  I learned how to knit with Phentex yarn and straight Aero needles.  These days I knit a lot of dishcloths and tea towels, but I also like to knit shawls, socks, and baby sweaters, etc."  Leslie also enjoys crochet.  She likes to encourage customers to be brave and take on that intimidating project!

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